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Personal and Organizational Security

In today's world of ever-increasing threats to your individual safety and security, knowledge is power.  Vigilant One can help you, your family, or your organization learn how to recognize and mitigate those threats.  We will help you create a tailored education and training plan specific to your needs.  Topics can include subjects such as: psychology of a criminal, awareness, physical security, personal defense tools, self-defense training, home security, travel security, workplace security and more.  We also offer education and training specific to senior citizen and college student security needs.

Home and Business Security Posture Analysis

Your home is your castle.  We can help you secure it, without having to build a moat.  Vigilant One offers home and business security posture assessments.  We will look for areas of vulnerability that need to be mitigated and will suggest enhancements to what you've already put in place.  This includes items such entry doors, interior doors, windows, exterior and interior lighting, plants and shrubs, fencing, safe rooms, alarm systems, video surveillance and more

Online and Social Media Security Awareness

Our lives are becoming more and more connected every day.  With the conveniences of constantly connected items like smartphones, smart televisions, public wifi, the internet of things, etc. our vulnerabilities to the darker elements of the online world also increases.  Vigilant One can help you to understand what those vulnerabilities are and how to begin to mitigate them.

Emergency and Disaster Preparedness Planning

Emergencies, such as natural and man-made disasters, can happen at any time.  When an emergency occurs, knowing what to do is paramount to your safety and security.  Every individual, family and organization should have an emergency preparedness plan.  Vigilant One can help design an emergency preparedness plan tailored to you, your family or organization.  To get you started, contact us below and request a free copy of our Go Bag Primer.  A Go Bag is an emergency preparedness necessity.

Firearms Training Courses and Services

Areas of expertise include certified pistol, shotgun and rifle instruction, as well as personal protection inside and outside the home (enhanced defensive firearms skills).  We also assist other training organizations/ranges with certified firearms instructor assistance or Range Safety Officer services for events.  We currently offer the following courses to the public:

Currently Scheduled Courses: Nov 18 2018, Jan 13 2019, Feb 9 2019, Oct 10 2019

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Visit our secure online storefront, hosted by Square, to pick up Vigilant One merchandise or to pay for training reservations fees.  We currently offer men's and women's t-shirts with our Semper Vigilantem (Always Watching) motto and will be adding more items in the future. Square is a popular, secure online retail system used by retailers.  We currently only ship and serve customers inside the United States of America.

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About Us

Vigilant One was founded in 2013 with the mission of helping individuals and organizations become more aware of and able to mitigate the risks to their security. Our goal is to make everyone a Vigilant One!   

Our experience includes emergency first response, emergency management leadership, and training and certifications to teach numerous personal security specialities, including certified firearms instruction.  We also have over 25 years of experience in information technology, including information security, disaster recovery, and business continuity.

To enhance training offerings, we maintain a network of security and emergency preparedness experts, including active and veteran military, active and retired law enforcement personnel and emergency responders, and information security professionals.

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